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April 17, 2007


Hello Dove's Eye,
I am glad to have found your site (via Kevin Drum). I am SO bookmarking you!

As if the horror of the massacre itself were not enough, it only makes things worse when morons try to reduce the tragedy to some kind of "Us v. Them" scenario. In reality, it appears so far that the young man who did the shooting was noticeably disturbed for quite some time before. Apparently he was an English major, and he had written a number of frighteningly explicit essays, plays, etc., that suggested he was planning something like this. (The real moral question is, why didn't any of his teachers/fellow students notice how f**ked up he was, and encourage him into therapy?)

The idea of blaming this horror on the young man's ethnic background is unimaginably stupid! Occam's Razor, folks.

Hey Giblets, thank you so much for dropping by.

Dear Leila,

Your Aunt Joan, my sister, and I were driving to Roanoke, Virginia when the horror happened at Virginia Tech. I have been deeply grieving for your father's Alma Mater, and the affected families. You were only 3 years old when I strolled you and infant brother Khalil to the duck pond on campus, to feed them crumbs, while we waited for Elias to finish his day and come home with us for supper. I feel like my very own ancient homestead has been viciously attacked. I grieve with the families, and for our dangerously violence-prone culture/nation/world....
Thank you for putting your thoughts on your blog so quickly.

I love you, dear one.

Yo Mama

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