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May 23, 2007



Even though my siblings and I were all trained up in same set of morals, it seems that only two of us understand that "there is no 'way' to peace... peace is the way."

After the death of my father, even my mother has adopted an antogonistic stance towards those who are "other." She voted for Bush... both times! And is angry that I am critical of him and his cronies.

I'm amazed that anyone can look at what happens when using violence to create peace, and then deciding that the answer must be even more violence. Any 12-stepper knows that doing more of the same thing to get a different result is a recipe for disaster!

Oh-- I get it. We need a 12-step program for governments.

"Hi, I'm USA [Isreal, Palestine, Darfur], and I'm addicted to violence."

(chorus): "Hi, USA."

Can you see it?

Kudos to you, Leila, for speaking out against what's going on in Nahr Al-Barid. It's always disturbing when you see the kind of knee-jerk patriotism that's on display among Lebanese bloggers.

If you read some of the so-called patriots, it seems that there are several arguments: 1) they aren't really targeting civilians; 2) the terrorists are so bad it doesn't matter what happens to the civilians; correlated with the same old canard: the terrorists are hiding among civilians, so we have to clean them out and too bad for anybody in the way; or 3) Syria! Syria! Syria is behind everything! (which isn't a logical explanation for why it's okay to target civilians, but that's the argument). The corollary to Syria, Syria, is that anybody who objects to Lebanese Army actions in Nahr-al-Barid is automatically a dupe - of Syria!

so what is your suggestion of how to succesfully deal with terrorists?

Same way you deal with gangs and street crime - a combination of good policing and addressing root causes - the social problems that give rise to the gang behavior. The terrorist activity arising from the refugee camps comes out of desperation and futility. Those Palestinians who have the resources to get out and make something of themselves are not wandering around Ain el-Helweh with rocket launchers. In fact, 99.9% of the Palestinians in the camps are not interested in doing what these troublemakers are doing - despite the terrible conditions under which they live.

If you want peace, work for justice.

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