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May 12, 2007


Congratulations, Leila!

Thank you, Peter...

Congratualations, too, Leila, on graduating. You look great!


Congratulations. I've always felt that my pricey education at taxpayer expense means that I am obligated to have high aspirations. A degree will not transform you into a successful, important or famous person but a worthy education should make you want to accomplish worthy deeds and attempt lofty goals. So get out there and show 'em!

Mabrouk, Habibti, and rock on with the manuscript!

Thanks for the comments, everybody. I so appreciate it.

Alison, regarding the degree...
Since I was the lone college dropout in a family full of Ph.Ds for many years, I learned to believe completely that my personal worth is not tied to any degree. Later, when I acquired the degrees, they were still not about self-esteem. I got the BA in order to complete unfinished business, and to do creative writing. I went directly from that degree to full-time motherhood.

I did the MFA because I wanted to do the work. I wanted the two years of workshop and reading and learning. I would have done it without the degree.

As a faculty brat, I am underwhelmed by the "magic" of a degree. For one thing, my degree is still not as fancy as my brother's chemistry Ph.d, or the Ph.ds of my mother and father. For another thing, I just know too much about what goes into making a college degree. It's not quite as bad as the making of sausage, but there are similarities. You don't really want to know what goes on behind the college curtain...

Now that I'm done, I am setting up the structure to write my novel, do other writing, and teach. This week I had to deal with children's needs but I still pulled out the MFA thesis and am writing on it again. It's not a book yet and I want to write it.

Congratulations Leila and what other cool music do you listen to?

Thank you, George. Have a look at this old post of mine to see some fun song selections - mostly oldies from an eclectic range of sources:


Warning, sound is enabled so don't access this at work, or mute the sound first.

Congratulations, Leila--sorry I've been hiding under a moss-clad rock in northwestern Washington, missing Oakland like anything.

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