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July 18, 2007


Tony Karon's take:

I know. There are plenty of reasons to dismiss or negate this move. You know how I feel about George Bush and his foreign policy.

Thank you for posting the link. Folks are welcome to go read it. I think it's important to balance "positive" messages with some reality.

However I have a principle of "positive reinforcement." If my kids, no matter how badly behaved one day, do something positive, I try to "catch them being good." This peace move by W may be too little too late, but I feel compelled by the founding principle of this blog to note that he is at least *talking* peace and negotiations. I am trying to catch him at being good.

Whether he means it or not remains to be seen.

I missed the last line in your post when I read it the first time, so mea culpa, it wasn't in the spirit of encouragement. Nevertheless, Bush is President of the USA, not a child, and while his administration continues to torture and kill people, my generally pessimistic outlook remains.

Yes, it's true that Bush is not a child, and I am probably closer to your thinking than I admit here at Dove's Eye View.

But this blog has been devoted to looking for signs of hope for three and a half years. I wonder sometimes if it isn't self-delusion (you know, focusing on freshly-painted Iraqi schools while the country goes up in flames). Still: the man says he is going to hold a peace conference. This is better than what he said last summer, which was essentially: keep bombing Lebanon until you wipe out Hizbullah!

Anyway, let me make clear that I completely respect your view, Peter. In fact, I had to wrestle with myself *not* to post links to the Angry Arab and Colonel Patrick Lang, for instance. (I don't know for certain that the Angry Arab wrote about it, but why wouldn't he - I'm sure he was scathing)

I don't read Tony Karon regularly - just because I don't read everything, that's all - so I appreciate the link.

Basically, there's a question here of letting "positive thinking" brainwash one into believing Bush administration propaganda and lies. It's a fine balance, isn't it?

We do know, however, that the most craven and/or bungling of politicians can stumble into positive solutions. Nixon in China? Sadat going to Jerusalem? It does happen.

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