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September 12, 2007


In 1861, the U.S. had Abraham Lincoln as president when it faced a great national catastrophe. In 2001, we had George Bush. Need I say more.

If only someone of Lincoln's character & caliber had been president we might've gone to war against Al Qaeda but not the kind of war that Bush has led. It would've been a more precise, more careful, more balanced pursuit; one that allowed for the fact that not all Muslims were enemies of America. This is something we have lost track of thanks to the bellicosity of the Bush-Cheney crowd.

My wife lost a close former colleague & friend on 9/11, someone I'd met with a young wife and child. But what is the best way to serve Matt's memory? Vengeance? Or trying to ensure that such attacks don't happen again w/o tarring every Arab/Muslim in the world with the broad brush of "terrorist?"

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