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November 02, 2007


I'm the laziest! I use frozen dough balls. I nuke them on thaw, then flatten them with a cup, and add zaatar to them. So good (and easy!)


oh, I forgot...also bake them (obviously) on 375 until they brown...

My family is Lebanese so we had this often as a child. I went to grade school with a girl who was Egyptian. Her grandmother used to make her version for me which was delicious. (It was my absolute favorite food as a child.) 35 years later and I still can not replicate them. They may have had a bit of tomato sauce added. I can remember the taste but can't put my finger on what is missing. If anyone if familiar with this version I would love the recipe.

Mana'eesh are definitely an all-time favorite breakfast of mine. But Randa, I have to say I am the laziest. I use English muffins:) I toast them, and then spread the za'atar on them. (My Lebanese grandmother would probably have a heart attack if I told her!).
Not to change the subject, Leyla, but have you seen the Lebanese movie Caramel yet? I saw it at the AFI Film Festival this past weekend in LA, and it's wonderful! Not to be missed:)

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