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December 04, 2007


What a treasure!
One of the regrets of my adult life is that when I was taking part in the Civil Rights movement I never pushed the envelope hard enough to get arrested... even once for the record. Sounds as though your Dad was principled enough to push the envelope regardless of how it looked.

Your dad sounds like a fascinating man!

Let me be clear. Dad never went to the penitentiary as an inmate. Look at the ID - it says CHaplain, crossed out, with "proffessor" typed in. He was teaching pro bono in the prison.

My mother, however, did go to jail, in Lynchburg VA in 1961, for felony trespass committed during a sit-in at a drugstore lunch counter.

14 40 or any age communism sucks and commies are scum.

Passing A-Bomb secrets is no big deal. Yeah Right. The traitorous communist filth got off easy.

My brother was killed by filthy communists.

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