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December 08, 2007


So glad to hear you are coping well and that you have such a great support system.

I will be thinking of you as I marinade my Christmas Turkey using your "spiced chicken" recipe.

Hope you have a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

Glad you are doing OK, habibti. I'm thinking of you often. Happy you're enjoying Mrs D and Grace P. I just read a story by her tonight-hilarious.

Much love!

The gnarled trunk of that tree behind you (California oak) reminds me of the trees one sees in pictures of the Lebanese countryside. Plus the hills in the background also evoke Lebanon.

As for the chemo, we say in Hebrew, chazak v'amatz ("be strong, take courage").

my sister had her first treatment of zomeda, along with her other 3 chemo meds, and she is having alot of muscle pain and discomfort. They said it would last a few days, but we are now on day 5, and she is weak and not feeling much better. I pray everyday that she gets her strength back-I would love to see her back to her own ways again-Thank you

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