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December 25, 2007


Hey Leila...just wanted to say hello and that I was thinking of you. It was good seeing you in November. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Thank you, Melanie, I did; hope yours was lovely as well. Best to you - yes it was very good to see you in November.

thanks for the fun and thoughtful blog reflection on christmas eve. you inspired me to do one as well. so glad that you joined with our faith community for that sacred moment the other night!

the young guy on the mandolin was my brother -he plays in a local bluegrass band - montana slim - lot's of fun they've also played at our church before. they're on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/montanaslimmusic

happy new year!

I miss my father, too.

I am glad that you had a lovely holiday and shared it with your faith community.

I was graced with a Roar for Powerful Words blogging award, and one of the responsibilities that comes with it is to anoint five more bloggers whose writing I respect. You sprang instantly to mind.

Details here:


Blue Girl, I am so honored. Thank you! Everyone reading, please go over to Blue Girl's site and read about the award and the fine writing she does.

I will try to figure out how to include the award on my sidebar, and blog it. Woo hoo!

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