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January 28, 2008


I am beyond reluctant to express myself in this matter for only one reason, the Palestinian cause is not my PERSONAL cause, I am an American, but by virtue of the fact that I lived in the ME (Lebanon and KSA 1975-1980) and was married (since amicably divorced) to a Muslim (Saudi who was VERY pro-Palestinian)and have an Arab/American daughter and also have been active in the pro-Palestinian cause personally because I DO feel there has been a GREAT injustice done to the Palestinian people I feel I have a little bit more than the average American's take on things. Having said that, I would like to state, publicly, I in NO WAY think George Habash on balance did good for the Palestinian cause. I realize he was more than what is being reported, (plane hijackings, other acts) and that those deeds as a doctor administering in health were indeed good acts. But that is far out shadowed by his acts of violence. As an American who KNOWS that these acts have been the cause for which Palestinians in general have suffered, I can only say George Habash brought SCORN on his people from abroad. The Zionist state of Israel is a MONSTER, but George Habash himself condoned (if you want to go with the theory it wasn't him directly who planned the hijackings)acts of terror, notwithstanding that state terrorism in itself is ALSO terror,and by virtue of might, a greater terror. One cannot POSSIBLY in LOGICAL reaction or HUMANE reaction condone ANY act of terror.
It is said George Habash put Palestine on the map. On the map how? I remember myself PRIOR to living in the ME and getting to know that what we hear in the US about the Palestinians as a people is rubbish, looked at Habash and others as terrorists. Why? Because he WAS. Terrorism as a tactic simply BACKFIRES. Terrorism thought of in moral grounds, is doing EXACTLY what your enemy does, KILL. How can ANYONE who upholds their cause (either Palestinians or others) on one hand praise MLK and later praise George Habash? If one doesn't see the contradiction then they are blind. If one attempts to say there is no comparison in causes, that STILL will get you no where, because MLK would NEVER have condoned violence for any reason.

Also, there is the fact that the non-violent resistance IN Palestine needs support and HAS support from many within both the Palestinian people AND others. They DO stand on the moral high ground. Canonizing Habash in any manner is contradictory to that effort.

My own daughter has had to go through a lifetime of being labeled as a possible terrorist. After 911 her school called the FBI when she received her wire transfer for her tuition from KSA. She has had comments made to her which are VERY hurtful. We simply MUST understand that more is at stake than simply getting satisfaction with revenge. It is a CYCLE which if not broken will go on and on. My mother taught me the best lesson in life, you can never control others, but you can control yourself. That is partially true, because if you are acting in revenge, EXPECT something in return because you yourself have not chosen to break that cycle.

Make it clear, I am speaking to ALL parties in this matter. The violence MUST end.

Having said all this openly, I hope and pray that Palestine becomes free, I will continue to do all I can to work towards that end in whatever small way possible, but I will NEVER celebrate the cause of violence by ANYONE.

Thank you, Robin for your heartfelt & powerful words. I am coming at this conflict perhaps fr. the other side as an American Jew who has spent considerable time in Israel & who now writes critically about the Occupation.

As you say terror, whether state-sponsored or initiated by individuals or guerilla movements will not resolve anything.

Yes, thank you Robin. Perfectly put.

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