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January 25, 2008


I think you're prob. confusing my Jewish background w. someone else you may know, perhaps Jerry Haber, who is Orthodox & perhaps yeshiva trained. I WAS trained at the Jewish Theological Seminary (where I earned a Bachelor's degree), but it is not a yeshiva.

Actually, I'm allergic to Orthodox Judaism. Though I belong to a Conservative synagogue & am a spiritual Jew, I'm pretty secular in outlook.

I'm very sorry Richard for mis-stating, and will change the info immediately. I guess I was trying in my ill-informed way to indicate that you are a believer, educated at a school of theology in your tradition, and committed to Judaism. None of these are incompatible with secularism in my view...

My apologies again.

Just a quick note to say the front page of arabist.net has not commented on the recent events because of time and work constraints, and the rapidly shifting events there. It has nothing to do with political pressure. I hope to put up something other than links time permitting, but I'm afraid the blog is not a priority right now.

Keep up the good work!

Well thanks for dropping by anyway, Mr. Arabist!

PS Richard Silverstein said privately that he'd rather be called a yeshiva bocher (boy) than a traitor to his race... but I edited out the whole thing anyway, since it was incorrect and perhaps not necessary. I didn't go into anybody else's personal beliefs in my summaries.

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