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February 23, 2008


This peak oil/sustainability buddy not only agrees but salutes you. Life is short - and it's complicated, which you've become intensely aware of lately. There's a time and a season for everything as they say. Enjoy going out, and thank you again for your inspiring posts on living frugally in difficult times.

Bless you! and be strong.

Bon appetit indeed! I am thinking of you and sending you good positive thoughts. If you ever want to break out of your frugality again, I am up for a decadent lunch with you someday. :)

Thank you, Kelli, Abe and Christine, and thanks for dropping by...


No you won't...or at least I'm rooting for "no" - on all counts! Perhaps carpe diem lives on the other side of frugality's coin. I find your perspective on both counts inspirational!

ooops! for some reason, the first post deleted the quote from your post...sorry!

"Maybe if the economy collapses and we're broke and starving, I'll be sorry that we went out to these wonderful restaurants this weekend..."

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