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February 21, 2008


I once saw a coffeeshop menu that listed "spiced masala chai tea latte with milk" as an option. Somebody report that signmaker to the Department of Redundancy Department!

Hello from a fellow Oaklander, by the way -- I followed the link from your comment on Mark Bittman's escarole soup recipe and was tickled to realize you're local.

Hello, Leila!

A favorite yogi of mine in southern California makes a delicious chai-spiced tea. I've been looking for a way to recreate his special recipe...and this looks as close as I've seen. I'll pick up some cardamom pods this weekend from my spice vendor at the marché and tell you how it goes. (I'm actually going to try it with green tea as that is what I drink in the afternoon...we shall see.)

Lexica and La Fourchette - welcome, and thanks for dropping by!

yup - it works with green tea! yippeeee!

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