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February 06, 2008


Thanks for your post at Rudely Stamped, Leila.

Oftentimes the comments people leave are not so flattering, so I'm especially appreciative of yours.

As for Edwards, yes, I was sympathetic to his message, too. But when he quit so early, I thought: That's not what a genuine advocate for the poor does. Someone really devoted to their cause stays in until his party's convention, where he can wield some real leverage on their behalf.

But I think for Edwards and all of the remaining presidential candidates, except for Ron Paul, this campaign is almost exclusively about ego.

Having said that, I ceratinly hope Obama wins, however, just for the change in tone it would bring to a nation that so desperately needs it.

Michael Blaine

I have bought Jerusalem as a virtual nation and set it up as a peace page on http://www.breakawayrepublix.com. Please register and become a citizen of Jerusalem and help us campaign for a two state solution.

I didn't know you could "buy" Jerusalem. What a concept--even in a game.

No, you don't post too much. And it is nice to have family concerned for yr emotional health.

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