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February 16, 2008


I love the new wig! It looks so very natural on you. Great hair style for you!

Thank you, Maloof. I realized after I got it home and saw myself in natural light (bathroom has a skylight) that the wig's highlights exactly match the color of my eyes. I am seriously considering having my hair cut and colored this way once it grows back insha'allah. I'm still worried about the chemicals in hair dye, so we'll just have to see. Meanwhile, I have at least six months and longer with grizzle growing out to short hair, so I've got plenty of time to enjoy this wig.

I looove the new wig. I send you many positive thoughts!

I was in a natural food store last week and happened to notice they had organic hair dye on the shelf. I didn't stop to read the ingredients but it might be something for you to look into.

Girl, I love the wig!!!! You looks fly in it, habibti!

Aw gee, thanks, Randa.... xoxo

You look fantastic! Made my day. And the wig - sassy- great choice.

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