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February 01, 2008


I kid you not, but my dad has records regarding his gas milage and the price he pays at the pump dating way back to the 70's. We make endless fun of him when we borrow his car and have to fill up, and he asks us to 'keep the slip and write down the kilometers on the odometer' (kilomeyterstand in Dutch). He's got these little bits of paper with numbers all over in his car. Frugal is the word he uses.
I enjoy reading you too, although you do get me worried. But you are right, you do not need things around you, you need friends around you, that is the most important thing. I hope it will all work out. I'll think of you, you never know, maybe it helps.

Sietske is responding to my post at her highly informative Beirut blog - I mentioned how my dad kept meticulous gas mileage records.

Sietske, thanks for thinking of me; I assume your worry is about my health situation. Hey, I am going to be around for quite a while insha'allah. I'll post about this later today.

Hey Leila, How are you. I scored 45 on Free Rice after playing for about 2000 grains. Then I started losing and slipped back to 40 and quit. I did ok considering I'm French educated and an agronomist. I got the science words and the Latin words and many others by elimination. But this game is addictive...

Hi Rami - glad you like the game. I am *very* impressed with your score since English is your third language.

I'll bet you know what a noria is. Na'ra is the Arabic root supposedly. It's in your line of work...

47 with a 12th grade education (I'm, um, 17) and being an English addict. A bit of French and Latin has definitely helped ..
.. and addictive, even if I don't exactly think dumping money into UN coffers for rice aquisition will solve world hunger.

Hi. I've gone to 60 on Free Rice. I'm a bit obsessive about it.

History degree
5 yrs of Latin
Extensive travel in France & Spain.

Also, I'm fairly old. Accumulating knowledge is one of the compensation prizes of long life.

FreeRice.com is such a good idea.

I'm currently running a campaign to reduce hunger in the World (using freerice.com).

If you wish to find out more about the campaign please visit the following link:


Many thanks.

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