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March 21, 2008


Very interesting! I will keep my eyes peeled for a showing in the Mid Atlantic region. I'm almost sorry I read Massad's analysis beforehand though...

It is so funny that after meeting many Communists, I have found out how similar they are to all others.

There is not one synthetic communist man, but all are different.

It was not so in the darkest days of the Stalinism. People acted in fear.

Now, they are living in a freewheeling society, and not even very coherent.

The stupid Communist is a man who would be stupid in all colors.

Many of my Hungarian former Communist friends are just ordinary men and women, and mostly of average intelligence, except a few among them.

So it is just an appeal to see the world in colors and not in black and white.

It needs a lot of traveling to understan each other.

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