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April 12, 2008


I really miss Berkeley.... Somewhat off topic, but actually related, I want to thank you for your recipes on the left side of the blog. Where I live now there are very few middle eastern/greek/persian/turkish restaurants, so I'm trying to figure out what I can do without mangling too badly on my own.

Best wishes,

Are you aware that there is a legal requirement for all university of California teachers to swear to uphold defend etc the Constitution.
Believe that someone could really light a fire under this amazing piece of ship, simply by charging him with treason and requiring that he resiqn from Berekeley. There are a lot of people that a lot better lawyers than Yoo who could really cook his goose.

Joe, I am aware of that because I had to sign the same oath to teach community college. It does seem like a fruitful line of inquiry. Thanks for bringing it up.

yes. I was confused by the same thing. I too live here in Berkeley, and have wondered: WHY is this man still teaching at Boalt Law School. I haven't heard anything about the University exiling him or anything like that. Is there an obstacle to firing this man? Is he tenured in some way? I don't even think the public body or students went after him in any significant way to make him regret his participation in making torture a part of policy through presidential privilege.
It is all very odd to me, how he got away with this without any dent in his career.


Zenobia- may I just say that I *love* your name. Are you related to Laila Baalbaki, or is this a nom de blog?

I have heard through the Berkeley grapevine that students have been protesting at his office and taking other actions. Also professor Brad DeLong of the Econ. dept. has been hosting a conversation about what to do on his blog.


The dean of the law school issued a letter last week elaborating why they aren't going to go after him just yet. Many people have written comment online about why they think the dean is wrong. I hope pressure is building.

hello again,
Yes, i really hope there is some momentum being generated to go after him in some form.

as for my name. No, its not actually a nom do blog. : ) it's my real name!..
and i am not sure if I am related to Laila Baalbaki... hmm. might be.
My father is Syrian. But there are even more Baalbaki emigres who are from the Lebanese branch. It is hard to tell too, because some of my father's cousins from Damascus emigrated to Beirut in the 50% so they are also there.
anyhow, I am not sure what Laila's roots are.
At some point (a couple hundred year? ) we must all have come from Baalbek. Fun huh.

I would be happy to meet you sometime, as we are both Berkelites. with sort of 'white people' tastes.. ha ha.. and interest in the middle east.
send me an email if you like.
I am very sorry to hear about your illness and struggle with that. I hope you are doing ok, and yes, let go of the world's concerns for the moment to think of yourself. Especially because those concerns are so demoralizing at the moment.


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