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May 21, 2008


Hey! Thanks for all the great info. I was browsing through a bunch of political websites and blogs (mostly liberal ones) and I came across your blog and find it to be very interesting. There are a bunch of others I like too, like huff post, and other news sites like politico. Do you know of any that cover politics and the environment? I saw earthlab.com which has mostly environmental info but some politics. I took EarthLab.com’s carbon calculator (http://www.earthlab.com/signupprofile/). It was pretty easy to use (and it doesn’t make me feel guilty after I take it). Are there any other blogs you would recommend? Can you drop me a link to your favorites or any ones with green info?

I've often thought about a group of Americans putting out some sort of message saying "the leaders of this country don't represent us, and we would like to bipass them to have a conversation about coming to a compromise." Not those exact words, of course, but along those lines. I don't know how I'd get the group together, how I'd get the message out, or what kind of response I would get, but I would hope to find similar groups out in the world. Groups of people who would want to sit down and have that discussion, figure out how we can all live so that we'll all be happy. Or at least not want to kill each other. Because as far as I can see, all this violence just leads to more violence. That probably sounds strange for a Soldier to say.

Amen to this post and prayers for your health.

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