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May 25, 2008


As a person from Chico, this makes me both proud and hopeful! My husband's family are big fishing people and were extremely disappointed in the shutdown of salmon fishing. I think the most important thing about your post is the hope and the recognition that when given the chance, nature can really do amazing things. But, we have to give it a chance.

BTW - my mom just had her third surgery for cancer and your blog is a place of refuge for me. Thank you for your positivity about cancer and the world in general!

I'm an environmentalist and I'm from California, but I hate lattes. I am excited about the salmon though!

Sue, thank you for your kind comments, and for the great post referring to this one - on your blog. Best to you and your mom...

Arduous - busting the stereotype, huh? No Lattes? What about organic fruit and artisan bread? Do you drive a Prius?

I do the fruit and bread. My expensive cafe drink of choice is a cappucino because I'm old-school - and I don't drink 'em often because I make coffee at home... No Prius, either. But I favor gay marriage, multi-culturalism and tolerance, feminism, sustainable agriculture and repairing the planet. So I'm busted: California liberal. Cheese-eating too - I have friends who own a goat ranch and make super-high-end artisan goat cheese.

I don't drive a Prius! I have no comment about the bread or the fruit. ;)

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