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May 29, 2008


I get really riled up when people hate on LA, I admit. It's one thing when someone who has lived in LA talks about its faults. But everyone and their mom thinks they know exactly what the problem is with LA, even if they've never been there. Even if they've been there once.

I do have a car, but I don't use it every day. And I know lots of people without cars, and still more people that get by with one car per couple. A lot of LA is much more walkable than people think too.

Ok rant over. Phew!

And while I can't talk about other parts of the country, SF banned plastic bags (takes oil to make them)and here in LA I am seeing more and more people using their own bags at the store. And arduous is right - LA isn't as bad as people would like to think.

Thanks for your lovely site.

Off topic, have you seen this?


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