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June 11, 2008


Leila - I read your blog daily, so I will miss you. But if focusing on your novel is most important, go for it. I'll look forward to buying a copy.

A health update once in a while would be good, though.


I'll miss you. But I understand. Do update on your health though!

I just want to say kol ha-chavod -- all honor to you: it's a hard choice, but a right one, I think.

I really look forward to your novel.


Thanks for the good wishes everybody... I'm always surprised at the fact that I have readers. Welcome, and see you in the fall!

Leila, we will miss you. Come back in September with a finished novel, will ya?

Leila, I have read your postings over on SST, and have finally managed to link to your blog, only to find you are taking a sabbatical.
I wish you the very best with your health, your novel, and everything else, I wish you all the best. You have had some of the best posts on SST that I have read in a long time.
Dana Johnson
p.s. Do you ever read James Howard Kunstlers blog (clusterfucknation.com)? He has interesting viewpoints on the current events here in US and the world. Your input into that would be interesting to say the least. Do you mind if I copy your comments posted today over on SST to a thread on JHK's blog, along with my own preface?
Again, the best of luck.

I hear you on the blog or novel thing. I should be doing the same thing you are. Maybe I will, one day.
Good luck and good for you!

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