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June 10, 2008


I'm an equally nervous Arab-lover. That AIPAC speech was a bitter pill to swallow.

This man (Obama) broke bread with Edward Said, for crying out loud! How can he speak as though he is blind to the aspirations of Palestian human beings?

I think Obama will be a little better on Israel/Palestine, but I admit the evidence for that is scanty, and obviously his kowtowing to the Israel lobby was incredibly disappointing.

But since we know for a fact that McCain will be equally bad (at least) on I/P, and will be far, far worse on Iraq, health care, constitutional govt, etc etc, the lines are pretty clear.

Yeah, it's disappointing. (I wrote about this on my blog a while back -- it's disappointing in particular because on so many other issues he's willing to try the unpopular line with a constituency, e.g. Cuba.) But on this we need to change the facts on the political ground here before we can get politicians to do good.



I just discovered your blog while reading your comments on Mondoweiss, and lady (forgive me for sounding old-fashioned and cliche'), you rock!!!
Question: Do you think Youtube is changing the media landscape and with its sister video sites could break the MSM hold on the American public? In other words, are we at the beginning of a new media revolution that in 4-5 years might make paid TV and print political advertisements irrelevant? If that happens, how will big business and single issue interest groups affect the American political machine?

I say this because, even though youtube is less than 3 years old, every 4th email I recieve has a youtube link in it.

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