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July 02, 2008


Hey, I was told to come back in September! September damn it!! Good for you for staying on schedule even if you are blogging here and there. I haven't the heart to give up on my novel, but I ain't writing it either.

I know. I am powerless over my blogging addiction.

However I did two of my novel tasks today, including one I'd meant to do tomorrow. Now I'm going to print out what I've written so far this past ten days. And the Erdrich novel is part of research. (always an excuse).

PS re writing your novel, Arduous - all you have to do is do a little something today.

Jane Smiley's book 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel is a wonderful guide and companion to writing a novel of your own. She does say, rather heartlessly but with kindness: "nobody really wants you to write your novel but you, so you might as well just get on with it." I read her whenever I'm feeling stuck - there's something about her sensible advice and her loving analysis of 100 novels that makes me want to go work on one of my own...

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