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July 17, 2008


Brava and I agree. Thank you for your humanity which is always bracing & reassuring. And for pointing out Kuntar's status as a child soldier at the tail end of the Lebanese civil war. This puts his crime into a diff. context (while not excusing it).

My only concern is that Hezbollah has gained yet another victory in a string of recent ones. I'd rather see Hezbollah weaker than stronger. Though I realize that the movement will never be wiped out entirely till Lebanon is fully at peace (& perhaps not even then).

Your so right that evil we see in others often lurks within ourselves and that we need not look to the other side (so often the Middle East) to find examples of horror when we can find such horrors merely be looking around ourselves.

I generally agree, but there an important issue here, which you refer to only in passing: the assumption that Kuntar is guilty is just that, an assumption. The integrity of his "trial" does not inspire confidence, to say the least


Regarding the context to which you refer, Israel in Lebanon, and the civil wars, I wonder if you have seen _God Cried_, by Catherine Leroy and Tony Clifton. Clifton had been London bureau chief for Newsweek, and Leroy is one of the great war photographers. Long out of print, but available used on Amazon. A powerful book.

>A Semitic prophet once said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Would it kill you to say that Jesus was Jewish? Is it too shameful to admit?

G Hazeltine has a point. To this day Samir claims he didnt kill the girl, rather she was killed by Israeli gun fire. He claims his admissions were done under torture.

Knowing what we do about the Israelis, what he has said is entirely possible.

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