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July 08, 2008


Hi Leila!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I wanted to email you back but couldn't figure out how to do it...

I'm from Greensboro too! My brothers, sisters, and I went to Western Guilford. And I actually worked on Harvey Gant's campaign when I was in high school!!

I love serendipity, don't you?


That sounds delicious!! Re: the raw food diet, you just can't please everyone, can you? Ah well, you did your best.

Sounds good, I will try it. I am a Lorna Sass pressure cooker devotee, too.

Glad to hear your good health news.

I am just loving looking at your birthday party pictures-rather exciting to see you, family, and of course the beautiful food. But wait a minute here-you're from Greensboro? I am from North Carolina too, although I have been in the Bay Area forever. My mother's people are from Winston-Salem, I spent lots of time there, and she went to Greensboro College herself. Southerners for Palestine!

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