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July 26, 2008


Happy birthday, Leila! I'm glad to read of you feeling so well, and so content with life.

happy birthday leila :-)

Happy Birthday! (Abraham Lincoln's Ethiopean mother? I'm all ears.)

Happy birthday. I'm new to your blog, and You are HYSTERICAL. Love a woman with a sense of humor in hard times. It lifts me up.

Happy, Happy, Birthday!

I'm glad you are finding joy!

Happy Birthday, Leila!

Happy Birthday Leila! You MUST keep on blogging, for your words, and your life, are a gift. Regarding fear of Muslims in 17th century British literature, I'll share with you an article I wrote called "The Sultan and the Slave: Feminist Orientalism and the Structure of Jane Eyre," in which I argue that western (largely British) feminists in the 17th/18th/19th centuries used stereotypical images of "oriental" (Muslim) women to argue for women's rights in the west! It's the same mis-information that goes on today. You can find the essay on my website.

Thank you so much, everyone, I am overwhelmed!

An especial thanks to Nan B. of Seattle, mother of my cousin KB, who sent me a snail mail card but is a regular reader of Dove's Eye View. And KB sent a card too! Many other relatives also sent cards and telephoned (hi George). I am very grateful to all of you. Much love, Leila.


Happy Birthday from San Diego and we can't wait to see you next week.

happy birthday! glad you're blogging again.

wishes . . .

Happy Birthday!

On to a more somber topic: My name is Seth. My soulmate Audrey passed away from breast cancer last year, she was 34 years old. In her memory, I’ve analyzed a panoply of “alternative” cancer treatments, to determine their effectiveness. You can visit my “Beat Cancer” project here: http://ideablob.com/ideas/2684-Beat-Cancer

If you can find it in your heart to vote for my idea, I would sincerely appreciate it. Whoever gets the most votes by July 31 will win a $10,000 grant to advance their project, so I'm reaching out to bloggers in the hope they can help me spread the word. Thank you.

Seth Aronson

"One idea lights 1000 candles."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy belated birthday!!

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