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July 29, 2008


To be completely unoriginal but honest, my favorite and most frequent transit trek is to take Caltrain up to SF to ride around the city on my bike. I did this 8 or 10 times during the last year. Once I rode in Critical Mass. Two or three times I rode a big loop up the Embarcadero, over to Fort Mason, up to the Palace of Fine Arts, down to Great Highway, through the Park, and back to Caltrain. Several times I took Caltrain one way and then biked back to Mountain View. Caltrain's bike car is a wonderful social space in addition to being useful transportation. The bike car is where I met my current boyfriend!

Loved the reminder to get on public transit to go out local sightseeing / doing. My town, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, is car culture. The bus takes forever. I can't imagine where I could go with public transit without taking half the time to get there. But maybe that's the point. The getting.

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