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August 21, 2008


I used to eat at the public market all the time when I worked in Emeryville. Pamir has been there at least 10 years. I also really liked the Korean BBQ place, Sorabol. The kids also really like the public market--everybody gets just what they want, but mom & dad don't have to eat hamburgers.

We really should consider it more often for family dinners. It's just that hubby and I are selfish and always want to go to House of Curries, where the kids make do with de-spiced tandoori chicken, rice, naan, and tomato slices. One will drink a lassi, the other won't.

House of Curries is tastier than Pamir, IMHO, but then again if we went to the Public Market, the kids might get something a little more ... interesting to eat than rice and naan.

Emeryville's other forward-looking decision was to charge for public parking. There's another good reason to take the bus!

Alison - as usual you see a positive where I'd only seen fit to grinch. I thought it was ridiculous that the new mall (whose name is so similar to Emeryville Public Market that I can't remember it) charges for parking. AND you can't really get to the new place by bus. You'd have to walk on unsafe roads from the bus stop I believe. But I suppose it is a disincentive to drive. However they have not planned for transit that I can see. Maybe the private Emeryville shuttle that runs from BART goes by there? I will have to research.

The new place that charges for parking is called Bay Street Emeryville. It's full of Williams-Sonoma, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Pottery Barn, and chain food places I don't frequent. We hardly ever go there.... but it is easier to take the kids there than to downtown Berkeley, for instance.

The parking, the all-in-one-place food and movies. However, I just hate, hate hate going to a faux "Main Street" with the same old chain retail that you can find anywhere. But Bay Street is popular, or was the last time I went there, well over a year ago. *Somebody* likes it. It ain't my kinda place.

I would update the main article but the Google map imbed is hanging up my Typepad editor. Here's more info on public transit in Emeryville:

Free bus shuttle from MacArthur BART station on the Emery Go-Round:


They even have live satellite tracking so you can look up where the bus is at the moment.

The Emery-go-Round serves all the hot spots in town and is free and open to anyone. Of course it shuts down a little after 9 pm so it isn't for partying at the local nightspots, then stumbling home.

I know quite a few people who would not ride a public city bus but would ride one of those shuttles. Go figure.

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