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August 03, 2008


Hi, I'm one of the people who ran across your blog after a Google search of red lentil soup. I thought this link would make you feel more than just contrary for not getting a Prius:


The June issue of Wired had a very interesting take on environmentalism. Some of it is encouraging, some of it isn't.

Carman - thank you for stopping by, and thanks for the link to the article about the carbon cost of a Prius vs. a used vehicle. Very interesting! I knew vaguely that it's a net carbon benefit to hold on to a used car rather than buy a new one but this article puts numbers to my idea.

I have further heard that those Prius batteries are going to be a problem when they start dying - disposal, price of replacement, and so forth. I don't have sources for this - feel free to comment.

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