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August 13, 2008


While there are trees in Lebanon, the people deserve a little study, too.

With your intellectual honesty, you could give us some insight on the honesty, dishonesty, decency, indecency of some people from the Lebanese landscape.

Please let us hear a decsription on the silent calculating mind of the many types of people from Lebanon.

Perhaps it can inspire the Lebanese to forge a civil society there.

Dear Attention - I don't do sketches of the mind of a whole nation, especially one as diverse as Lebanon.

Furthermore, there are so many Lebanese bloggers that you might as well read all of them to get a picture of the many types of Lebanese. I invite you to google Lebanese bloggers, or browse the Lebanon aggregator site here:


Good luck in your researches on the Lebanese mind, whatever that is.

Great pic Laila, and scary too! such details...do these street pics exist for every corner of the US? Anyways, back to carob: it is used in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine as molasses, but surprisingly not in Jordan where it is only fed to animals. In S, L and P it used to replace sugar in cake recipes until less than 100 years ago. Oh, and well answered to the mind mapper too ;)

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