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August 14, 2008


Ahhhh. . .

I feel like today your post was written for me. I needed to be reminded of everything you said. Thank you.

Bravo, Leila. You are the bravest, best adjusted person I know.

If we all weren't in such denial, we'd all admit we were "dying" from the day we were born.

Thank you Val and Gloria... For me, Gloria, I prefer to think that we are all living until the hour of our death...

Hi Leila,

I came across your blog this morning by googling -yes, you guessed it! - red lentil soup! Ha ha. But instead of just copying down the recipe, I felt compelled to also click on your main page and read your latest post. Something in your eyes just caught my attention.

What a gift to read your post. You are right, none of us knows how long we have. Each of us should live the way you do. I have a friend with breast cancer, and she is one of the most amazing people I know. She embraces life with such vigor and spirit that she inspires those of us that are "healthy."

Thanks for the reminder and inspiration. You made my day!

Hi Ingrid - thanks for dropping by! That red lentil soup brings me the nicest visitors. And thank you for your kind words.

Hi Leila. Great post. I, too, prefer the living with cancer phrase. A pet peeve of mine is that obituaries often say so and so died after a long battle with cancer. Why doesn't anyone die from a long battle with congestive heart failure? I dislike all of those war metaphors anyway. Janet

Spectacular news!! Made my week. And a beautiful post, too. What a great happiness loop you created out there on DK. Shine on.

Thank you for your courage and good words on this.

You give the world a lot of hope.

I havn't been here in a long time. You're on my desktop running Windows 98, I had forgotten how much I loved your blog. I really like your love of Oakland, a much maligned city. You remind me of Tower of Power.

Many loving regards. Be back soon, even after I get up the gaul to go to the crazy traffic up-scale mall area of Atlanta to finally get my Apple lap-top fixed.

& I thought my life really sucked. " 'Coz I'm ugly & I've got no friends" (mimicking the kid who drove over seven people in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, prior to stabbing 'em ).

You're a strong woman. An inspiration to many out there ( I sincerely meant that ).

Have a blessed day ahead!

Leila! I visited your site for a Red Lentil Soup recipe! Ahhhhhhhhh and once again, as I've found when my intuition takes me to the place I need to be...more than a recipe arrives on my plate! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991 and here I am at 61 still kicking! I want to send you all the love I can muster to say you're one amazing and beautiful human being. I wish you wonderful and enlightening moments of continued realizations. When and if you're interested check out the following url:www.taramandala.org/arts_cancer.htm - 23k also on that same site if you're interested listen to the audio teachings...so so beautiful and strengthening. www.taramandala.com/Media.html - 6k

I just finished chemo and radiation in April for infiltrating ductal carcinoma ,had my first mammo and ultra sound was devasted to hear theres something suspicious showing up .All weekend I have thot I am going to die .Youre storie and affirmations of living with cancer are profound .You have given me back hope and my fighting spirit .Thankyou !

Thank You!! I was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2003. I handled rediagnosis with grace in February of 2008. Have been on Femera until Friday...when I was told that a bone scan showed some progression (also have it in the lungs and suspicious areas in the liver). Looking at changing treatment this week...had a tough weekend. Am a strong Christian and believe in God's Will; however, fear for my 9 and 6 years old sent me googling this morning as my third grade classroom is taking a test. Tears in my eyes as I read your blog. Still a little fear, but great to know that there is the possibility to see my kids graduate from high school!! God Bless You!

Hi Leila, I found your blog from a google search I did after I received my own diagnosis with breast cancer in late September. I've come back several times and am enjoying reading everything you write. I am so impressed with you and your strength and passion. Reading your blog has given me a lot of courage.

I've been an "intermittent blogger" over the years (not a very good one, but a blogger nonetheless) and you have inspired me to reactivate my blogging activities, to try to reconnect with some of the on-line friends I've made over the years, and just try to get through this without withdrawing into a well of self-pity. Right now I'm feeling the self-pity, but knowing I'm not alone makes it so much better.

Stay well. And THANK YOU for all the good things you do and write about!!!

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