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October 28, 2008


I love your positive energy!
You are doing a great work.


May you continue to have health and remission.

reader at Sharon's blog

Just, damn!
You. Go. Girl!

Hi Leila,

Your story is very inspirational. As a Lebanese-American, I've thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and stories you have of the homeland. Please continue writing as you have a very captive audience!

Wishing you continued health,



I'm SO happy to hear about your trip and your current good health! Way to go. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy today. Today is Election Eve!

Hi Leila
Thank you for your insight, for sharing yourself for the benefit of the rest of us. I love your take on things
and always find your writings informative. Good luck on your book. I've been writing one too--say thanks to the one who is giving you critical feedback. I know of you from Mondoweiss.

this is so beautiful, Leila.

Damn, Leila. Every time I come here you break my heart. Even if in a good way.

Not the point, I know, but I am incredibly relieved that your health sounds (kenina hara as we yids say) to be on the upswing.

Now I am just looking forward to your novel. After all, you can write like nobody's business... witness this post.

Best always,


May you always have such a wonderful attitude toward life and all its blessings and trials. You are a wonderful model for anyone going through hardships.

I am so happy for your improving health. Give all your boys a hug for me and I hope they will hug back.

Dearest Leila,
It has been such a long time since Brooklyn I am so blessed to have found you then... and now...
Thank you for being a writer that writes.
With love-
Gail Wilson-Giarratano

Oh, Leila. We miss you!

May your spirit continue to heal broken hearts now that it is free of its body. We are breaking for you, who we loved so much.

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