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October 01, 2008


Leila - Beautiful post. Made me want to be there. Janet

Leila, I am so glad you are having a great time. Reading your post made me feel as if I was right there with you.
Love Roula

Leila, it was really great to finally get to meet you.

Beautifully written. Mieh w-Mieh sounds like a place where things come together. Borre is going to be very jealous.

Beautiful. Yummy. Beautiful.


Enjoy your stay and say hello to Maghdouche (the neighbour village) and to the little house that we bought where we are starting our sustainable art project "Dignity".


Darlings - I'm in Damascus now in Bab Touma... just had dinner in a giant courtyard restaurant - lovely setting - everywhere is magical - more later. The waiter politely rushed us because the HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT was arriving for supper at 8:30 pm. !!! But at the hotel a guy said - they do that all the time, they were here for supper two weeks ago.

The souk, the Ummayyad mosque, shopping for textiles.


I'm so glad you are there! Thank you for the reports and the pictures.

I had never been to Khan el Franj until this summer, when I went there with my sister and her husband who were visiting from the U.S. Nice place, but a bit disappointing. I guess after all these years of hearing about it over and over again, my expectations of it had grown exponentially, and what I was expecting to see was so much different than what I saw. Anyway, when I was there they had a small exhibit of postcards and stamps (etc.) inside, which was nice. I don't know if it's a permanent thing or if it was on some occasion (they were setting up a stage in the courtyard, some event organized by the "al-lajna al-lubnaniya al-filastiniya lil-hiwar wal-tanmiya").

Sorry, I meant to say, stamps related to the Palestinian cause, not just any stamps!

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