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November 16, 2008


I think you would find Jonathan Ide's Pastpeak.com a very worthy addition to your list. He is not posting as often as in the past, but is always worthwhile. Your values, I think, in Minnesota. Search Iraq, or food, or environment, or justice, to get an idea.

On the Middle East I would recommend Mark Elf's Jews sans frontieres. A lot of the commentators including Mark himself are anti-Zionist Jews. Which gives the site a different character than a lot of other blogs writing on Palestine.

Well Leila, your anniversary of writing about the Middle East sure comes at an interesting time, that's for sure. King Abdullah's peace proposal seems to be working like an acid exposing the terrible divisions in Israel. I see that Peres in London is actually talking about Civil War amongst the Israelis over the question of the settlements, with what can seem glimpses of same breaking out in Hebron. And of course there's lots of talk that Obama supports the Abdullah Plan too, although Dennis Ross seems to be doing his best to deny that with God knows what validity.

So at any rate it seems you are certainly going to have a lot to talk about.

And how's that book coming along?



I don't remember if i've commented on your blog before. Ahh! memory cells.I found your blog after goggling ' arab women bloggers' i realized that i had missed Ramadan..im not sure when it dawned to me or whether i had been nursed through the fringes of memory. i understanding longing through my skin..perhaps..now that ive conditioned myself not to feel.. to feel anger and invisibility.. with my smile etched invisibly in the corners of my face whenever i met sisters in the store.. Salam alakum i say with my eyes.. do they see me and i see them..& for that brief moment when our eyes connect..she sees that i understand & that someone knows what it is to be brown, woman and immigrant..

I applaud you. Writing about the experience of cancer. I, I must admit that I feel incapable of writing or even verbally speaking on what it means to me to have an illness that has chronic reverberations. An illness that within its disguise of untold fatigue, immobility, gnashing of teeth, grasping mortality, I feel thankful. It's the inbetween that I struggle with..

May you be happy
May you be well.
May you be safe.
May you be peaceful and at ease.

Sister Nehanda

Love your list of blogs read. I read almost all the same ones. Perhaps I found some of them here? In that case, thanks.

put some bird feed/ wildlife feeds outside your garden.

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