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November 21, 2008


While things do indeed look very bleak in Gaza now. It should be remembered that the Palestinian people have managed to survive countless tragedies over the last 60 years. The Zionists were sure that Al Nakba in 1948 would dissolve the ties between the Palestinians and their historical land. It only magnified the importance of those ties. The Palestinian people did not dissolve despite their forced dispersal.

So yes now things are very grim in Gaza. The Israelis are engaging in the starvation of an entire population. Something Stalin did to Ukraine 75 years ago. But, the Ukrainians survived and gained their independence. The USSR is no more. I have faith that the Palestinians will also survive as a nation and Israel will go the way of the USSR and apartheid South Africa. That is it will cease to exist in its current form as a racist and colonialist state.

I know that these words of course do nothing to allieviate suffering now in Gaza. They thus probably do nothing to ease your sense of futility. But, there is hope. It is not that the US or Israel will do the right thing. It is that the strength of the Palestinian people will allow them to survive and eventually triumph.

I second the post above Leila. Don't despair. Don't deny your body nourishment it needs to stay strong.

Give thanks for the steadfastness of the people of Palestine.

Having seen what the government of Israel is capable of, let's call upon progressive people everywhere to join the international movement for boycotts, sanctions and divestment.

Here's a good place to start:

Thanks Judy & Otto

Re: fasting - well a one-day fast is probably a good thing for a patient in my situation - I've been eating a lot and gaining weight. Could use a fast. But I won't say more about that - I don't believe in grandstanding. I've never fasted before except as a medical necessity so let's assume I won't.

Re: despair - it helps to talk about it. Thank you all. I am also taking other actions. First is to finish my novel and I'm developing an action plan for draft two, getting an agent, and then publication.

More later. Thanks again, all.

Leila: I have nominated your blog for a Best Blog Darts Thinker Award. It was one of three on the Middle East I chose along with Mark Elf's JSF and Mondoweiss.

morality not important. what jews want is important. starving palestinians is one way of getting rid of them.

having america kill iraqis and destroy iraq is another jewish want.

syria and iran on list. and always lebanon.

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