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December 31, 2008


Good decent constructive enlightened statesmen wanted.

In the interest of the Palestinians, find statesmen, who cut the ties to the papers of Sayyid Qtab, who end the revenge calls against Israel, who really lead the Palestinians to a reconciliation with themselves and Israel.

This battered and suffering nation needs more than symptomatic Advils, it needs a strong chemotherapy to recover from multiple cancers.

And forget my friend Philip Weiss. He is the Advil.

If you use terms like "cancer" to refer to human beings then you are still stuck in the problem and you don't have a bead yet on workable solutions. Perhaps I misunderstand your argument.

Self-responsible activism (rather than casting a stone for a stone)is required. Activism that comes from a simple place of anger or ethnocentrism must be questioned, no? With the New Year, let us emulate (unrelentingly) anyone who is a true soldier for peace. Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf died last week. From his obit in the New York Times: "In 1973, Rabbi Wolf helped found Breira, an organization of progressive American Jews that advocated a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The organization, whose name means “alternative” in Hebrew, was a target of frequent, bitter public attacks by American Zionists. It disbanded in 1977."

Hi Leila,

First of all: Happy New Year.
As for the aid to Gaza, the only route that was operating recently since the tightening of the blockade by Israel and Egypt was a ship operated by 'Free Gaza' that departs from Larnaca. You can visit their website. They made several successful deliveries since last spring and they even got out children and people from Gaza who needed medical treatment.
Their last voyage, on december 27th, was unsuccessful since it was attacked and rammed by the Israeli military in international waters before arriving to Gaza.

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