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January 12, 2009


LOL... I respond to every single email I get with a similar message. I usually sign off "here's to change!"

dear leila,
I really love your blog.
If you don't mind, can i add you to my blog roll?

take care

Dear Leila,
I enjoy reading your work.
This is what I do, this poem is burning my hands:

Only Weapons and Iron and Fire

Do not send me a chain letter with a Psalm for David and a prayer for soldiers.

Does your prayer have eyes
to find only your soldiers,
the ones with darker uniforms
and a lighter flag, not the
who wear lighter uniforms
and hold a darker flag?

Do not curse me with a plague
for breaking this chain.

Doesn’t your prayer have eyes?
There are no horses, or chariots.
The soldiers are all dark,
they look alike
and they are bowed down
and fallen.

Esther kamkar

Terrific letter. I can only hope that the Obamas read it. They seem like decent folks, but the President-elect doesn't strike me as someone who is going to lead us in an unpopular direction. If there was ever a letter that might shame him into doing such a thing, this is it.

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