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January 08, 2009


I heard the tears rolling down your face. Stay well, Leila.
Live in the only place available to live: here and now. Spend time each day, if possible, interacting with your children - in an activity of their liking. The conversation(s) rooted in activity will be remembered. Give your children emotional sustenance they can access for the rest of their lives. They will be searching for these clues someday. Please take your experiences as a mother, writer, activist, and lover of all things having to do with Elias', homeland to another level. You are everywoman, not every Arab-American woman.
p.s. I am not from Mossad.

Everything you write is so awesome.

Hey Molly, I am not crying. But the crocodile is...

Why are you so concerned about getting me to quit talking about Israel?

I'm sure you're not Mossad - I wasn't talking about you! In fact, I haven't been reading your comments when they come through my email, I just happened to look in on this one. Have a nice day!

Bravo Leila.

I had tears in my eyes reading that...

Keep up the good work. I really enjoyed this post.

Glad you cleared that up for me. Please do continue to think and write about whatever interests you. Your ramblings are a bit repetitive and warmed-over PoliSci 101, but well-intentioned no doubt. As for the crying: I suppose I mistook whining for crying. (My mistake.) Unfortunately you mistook concern for who knows what.

Leila - You have a pure heart. Unlike Molly, you have the ability to see both sides of the story. In every on of your posts that I've read since I've been coming here, you always try to find the good in people. Molly is feeling threatened because she knows everything here is what is right in the world and people such as herself have a need to introduce conflict into every situation they encounter. For the sake of your health and your spirit, ignore her.

Molly, I took many political science classes--and, to be sure, Leila's wisdom transcends the vacuous half-facts that are so replete in this field.

The facts and sentiments on this blog are more poetic and ecstatic--and evolutionary.

You should take note Molly. Instead you seem intent on being condescending. Look at your own insecurities, then come to the discussion with humility and generosity. I have no doubt that you will be greeted as a sister in every meaning of the term.

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