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January 16, 2009


Obama has been such a huge disappintment on this issue.

There will be no celebrating in our home on Jan. 20, that's for sure.

wats tis the palestines ois murdered and obama is wanting to save his chair of president be afraid of TRINITY AND THE DIVINE LAW

I'm curious to see what he'll do/say about this during his first week in office. The 'one president at a time' line is frustrating, but true. And at least we can be somewhat certain that his administration's response won't be worse than what we're getting now...

Sandy's comments about Israel and the Arabs are quite naive and absurd.

Best, Neal

Hasbara rhetorical feint #74 - when the arguments are irrefutable, call them naive and absurd.

Sorry Neal, this is not really an argument, it's name calling. If you really think the comments are absurd, write a post ON YOUR BLOG detailing the logical fallacies.

Otherwise, your comment is but sound and fury, signifying nothing.

I only bother to notice it because it's a typical and often-used strategy by apologists for Israel - when the facts become too real to ignore, and too well-argued to refute, they say - oh, just naive.

Sign of a bankrupt position, Neal.

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