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January 09, 2009


Oh, and stay tuned for people asking me if I am now or ever have been a Hamas supporter, Hizbullah member, PLO fighter, Al-Qaeda fellow traveler, and so forth. Laughable questions if you know the organizations... what would those guys do with me, a secular feminist American Arab liberal married to a Jew? They all think I'm a Zionist appeaser because I won't shut up about the time Palestinian refugee thugs from Ain-el-Helweh sacked our village and killed my grandmother. Oh yes, and I married into a Jewish family so there you go. Secret spy for the Zionists, and so forth.

I am merely a gadfly and a crank, telling my truth on the internet to whomever wants to listen.

i support hamas, hizbullah, any one, any group that fights against israel. any means, methods, acts are justified and required.

israel and its lovers, esp the 'my feelings are hurt' 'humane' ones, can go to hell.

Wow, your married to a Jew?

You never cease to amaze me as I travel through your blog record.

Truly, you lead an interesting and varied life. You have an admirable strength in the face of adversity. I love this in people.

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