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May 14, 2009


The one and only wonderful thing about having a kitchen the size of a closet is that I don't have half of what you list there because I don't have the space. Doesn't stop me though.....I can make anything and everything with my spartan supplies.

Yes, Linda, that's the irony of this list. It started out as a question: what are the basics, what are the low-tech essentials for the kitchen? By asking the "group mind", I arrived at a list that is way too long.

I should do a second list: what is the least amount of equipment you can get away with? Of course the answer will vary depending upon the cook. And Laurie Colwin's original list is a good start anyway.

Its amazing what you need to stock your kitchen with when first moving into a new home. You never think kitchen cutlery etc are important, wow am i so wrong

Thanks for the lost very useful! :-)
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