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June 21, 2009


Nobody asked me, but:

My advice, for those unfamiliar with Iran, would be to invest some time in becoming familiar with the Iranian revolution, the key players (at minimum Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Mousavi, Ahmadinejad and Larijani) and organizations (Guardians, Assembly of Experts, political/clerical factions) before attempting to make sense of the news. Wikipedia is more than good enough for casual background research, although you might end up spending several hours if you follow the links: Iranian history is beyond fascinating.

For those looking mainly for real-time updates, Huffington Post, the Lede blog (NY Times), NIAC Insight and the Guardian all have frequently-updated pages which filter the news and include some critical analysis. For deeper examination, I'd second your recommendation of Juan Cole, and I'd add Gary Sick and Al Giordano (the latter not an Iran expert, but a very keen analyst of civil unrest).

Yes, I've been following this obsessively - why do you ask?

Greg Djerejian has also blogged a bit after a long absence at Belgravia Dispatch. I have a high opinion of anything he says and his observations of these events is no exception.

[btw, Laila, I need to forward an odd email I received from germany that seems intended for you. Go figure. Couldn't find an email contact here, so pls email me at [email protected].]

[Laila, disregard that comment for the moment. For reasons I don't understand I am not able to access either gmail or my blog. Something all screwy. Very frustrating...]

I just posted a comment with a number of links to articles on Iran. It appears to have been removed. I wonder why.

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