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July 18, 2009


When you a point a finger at someone, remember that there are 4 fingers pointing at yourself. and indeed, all you have done to us is written in our notebooks - the abominable farhoud, the aden 'riots', the ouijda 'riots', the aleppo blood libels, and the list just goes on and on. and it goes on to this day - like the attacks against the jews of raiyda and the cold-blooded murder of yaish nahari.
and if your history is lacking, you might want to fillup using wikipedia or jewishrefugees.blogspot.com

how many iraqi dinars do you think my family is owed to for the illegal confistication of our house in k'mrat ali? how come almost all arab states are now judenrein, where in 1948 jews made a significant part of the demographics?

oh yes, when the time comes - notebook vs. notebook. we'll be waiting. oh yes we will.

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