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September 01, 2009


Dear Leila,

I came across your site when trying to track down Borre Ludvigsen who took extensive photographs of Beirut, some of which I would like to include in a project of my own.

I lived in Beirut 1973-76 (Canadian Embassy posting) and
wrote and published poetry ("Babylon and Other Dreams")
and short stories which arose out of that experience. I also wrote a novel which I would like to see published but keep coming up against a brick wall regarding. Since you are both writer and Lebanese, I am writing to see, essentially, if you might have any ideas who might be interested in this novel, set in Beirut during April-May, 1975. Let me know if you want to know more.

Dear Leila, you did annoy me a lot there on Mondoweiss. I couldn't stand your constant pontification and your lack of appreciation for our olympic bikini thread (even LeaNder, that german bother of a lady liked our bikini thread.) But girl, you were also brave and fair. Be at peace. We'll be with you soon enough.

Rest in peace darling Leila, though I did not agree with all of your politics, I always loved you as a person.

Good bless ur soul

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