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I tried your Spiced Melee recipe for my Christmas Eve turkey. I marinaded the 20 lb turkey overnight (just slathered it with the marinade) and it came out great! I made stock with the leftover carcass and then soup and I have to say it was the best turkey soup I've ever made!

I'm having a neighborhood New Years Eve party and plan on trying the marinade on cornish game hens. They'll require less cooking time.

I came upon your blog in July during the Israeli/Lebanon war and have really enjoyed all of your posts. Just wanted to say thanks. I look forward to reading daily.


Hey Maloof, thanks for dropping by. I'm delighted you tried the recipes. THe original spiced chicken recipe is from Gourmet magazine, May 1995, and if you go to Epicurious.com and search on "Spiced Poussins" you'll find it. I can't take credit for inventing it. But I seem to be the only one around who promotes it, so that means something.

Sahtain, and welcome to my blog.


The chickens were a huge success! I did cut them in half before I marinaded them. It cut down the cooking time. The meat fell off the bone and everyone raved about them.

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